Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cote de Texas! Again with the inspiring posts!

..gracious, look at these drapes..


..may I please have those chairs..

..the sofa..
and again with the yellow!

..these chairs are to die for..
wouldn't it be fun to put your family 
monogram or blessing on these
Mahogany Shield back dining chairs!

Ok, well I guess my next purchase is "Perfect Curtains" by Stephanie Hoppen.  Thanks again to Joni Webb of "Cote de Texas" for sharing all of this information!  Please visit her site and make sure you mark your place when you have to walk away from your computer to have a life.  You'll want to come back until you have gone through every page!  Her sidebar is FULL of FABULOUS links she shares and more design talk at "The Skirted Roundtable."

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  1. I adore your motto - right clicked and saved!! that's my life - and yours too, that's what makes design blogging the greatest. no one else would understand those 4 simple words and the drama behind them. but now we know each other and can relate to each other so much more than those in our real life. amazing.

    thanks for the shout out - very very much appreciated!!!!!


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