Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I need to...

..decide what kind of blanket to make..
If you've knitted a blanket lately, and loved the pattern or stitch you used, please post it in the comments to share with the I-need-to-make-a-blanket crowd. I love the stitch pattern in this one, but I am also CRAZY insane over...
100% Linen
THESE 100% Linen Day Blankets from Brahms Mount in Maine
SOOOO...I'm thinking Louet North America's Euroflax Sport Weight Linen in Natural with Sea Foam and Pewter striping on my borders somehow... This yarn seems sorta "crunchy" when you knit with it (and for peace of mind, use bamboo needles), but it is machine washable and dryable and with every washing, it gets softer and softer.  The drape is fabulous!  It's perfect for a spring/summer project for a year-round blanket.  The idea of the time investment makes me crazy to think I couldn't use the end result year-round. I think this should be my spring/summer on-the-go mindless project. Who's with me? We could KAL together!  If I have any takers, I'll type up some instructions, email them and when we are all finished, I'll do a photo collage on the back of the pattern with everyone's FO!  

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