Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Because she felt like it!

..Strong Felt is her work..
..amazing work..

Today I was browsing around and while on one of my new favorite ~ tumblrs, ~ I spotted familiar work and knew at once it was Lisa Klakulak! I will never forget the first time I saw her creations.  My husband and I were in Asheville, NC for a weekend getaway and while I was taking my dear sweet time in a yarn shop, my husband made his way down the street.  When I finally emerged from the yarn shop, he was on the opposite side of the street leaning on a parking meter waiting on me.  He yelled, "Champ, cross over...you're gonna die!"  He was right, when he took me in the gallery and lead me to this amazing installation on one wall...I almost died...in fact I started crying.  My husband thought I'd lost my mind, but it was truly the most amazing hand felted "wonders" that I had ever seen.  Please visit her website and see for yourself. Don't miss the handbags and clutches! They're miniature sculptures that I would never carry, only display in my home as rare treasures.  If you're a fiber artist, make sure you watch this ~ video ~ of Lisa at work!

rinsing the shawl
..at home in Asheville..

Stone Grid Cuff
Stone Grid Cuff
photo: John Lucas

Lisa Klakulak, Safety Pinned wool purse
Safety Pinned
photo: Tom Mills

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