Thursday, February 25, 2010

Easy Breezy

Today I got an email from a follower asking me to add the dates to my posts so she could easily back-track when she misses a day. SURE! NO PROBLEM!  I've only previously not published the date because I was keeping it as clean as possible...I'm a visual kind of girl. 

This request lead me to think about actually visiting my own blog.  I realized I had been keeping it clean to a fault. By using the post title as my link to the discovery place (no pun intended for my Charlotte readers!) I was hiding it from serious blogoholics who could glance at a blog title and recognize it.  Anyway, with a little more thought, I've decided to post a visible link under each photo to give my source more visibility and simplify things for my followers. This will also give each post it's own address to make re-blogging easier for courteous bloggers who link back to their sources.  

I can't go backwards, but I can go forwards...

I hope this helps everyone who's watching!
xov (kisshugstitch),

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