Monday, February 22, 2010

Elena Rosenberg

Today, my ~ daughter ~ sent me a link to a
blog that she swore was secretly me.
She knew I'd love it immediately!

The funny thing is that I've followed the
blogger's etsy shop for a long time
and I love her work! Her tumblr
is my new favorite!

I wonder if Elena and I would be 
friends if we met...

if we'd order the same thing at lunch...

or if we like the same yarns...

It was difficult to decide which pictures would
best tease you to visit her sites.

She has two etsy shops. One for
knitted accessories...

and one for her knitting patterns.

Please visit.

Even if you don't knit, her tumblr site is a
fabulous collection of photography!

one right after the other...

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. A photo of mine from 2003. (via elena k.-r.)
This is one of her own photographs!

knitting hands from fiber exhibit toronto (via knitalatte11)
I went through every page.
You will too!

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