Friday, February 5, 2010

Leonard's Bed POST

Rosemary, of Content in a Cottage, posted lovely antique beds today.  It sounds like it would be a hard day to get out of bed in New England and sounds like the weekend is going to get worse. Her bed post (no pun intended) has inspired me to provide you with even more antique bed shopping.  My bed's not made, so I'll just show you where Jeff and I have purchased all of our beds.  Sometimes I wish my upstairs was my downstairs because I love my beds so much!  We've purchased all of our beds from Leonard's New England in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Leonards is an old New England family business which began in 1933.  They now have three locations, but I've only visited the Seekonk store.  A trip to the Seekonk location can fill an entire day if you like to linger over beautiful furniture. We go every year and try to bring home at least one treasure to add to our Leonards collection.
Jeff Jenkins
They are famous for resizing antique beds. For our master bedroom, we chose 4 antique posts and they created a king sized bed for us.  As you know, there's no such thing as an antique king size bed, but Leonards makes it possible to have the best of the old world and the new. Pictured above is Jeff Jenkins, who grew up in the shop in the shadow of his father, Robert Jenkins, who was then the sales manager. Jeff is now the owner and pictured here with the bundles of posts that are almost impossible to decide a favorite. There's no way to show you how amazing this place is, so please click the links provided here and bounce through their website.  They have virtual tours, but it still doesn't do the live experience justice. As I bounce through their site, here are a few of the pieces I wish I could bring home...
Antique Tiger Maple Tallpost Bed - St Louis, Circa 1840 - Leonards
but I don't have any more bedrooms...
Antique Queen Ball top bed in Maple - Leonards
This one has been resized to a queen with
a ram's ear headboard.
Antique Empire Sleigh Bed in Tiger Maple Circa 1850 - Leonards
The tiger maple of this 
Empire Sleigh Bed (c.1850) is beautiful!
Antique Fine Quality Bamboo Bed in Birds-Eye Maple, CA 1890 - Leonards
I think this is insanely beautiful!
All original Faux Bamboo in Bird's-eye Maple
Antique Fine Quality Bamboo Bed in Birds-Eye Maple, CA 1890 - Leonards

Antique Fine Quality Bamboo Bed in Birds-Eye Maple, CA 1890 - Leonards
Ok, obviously this was my favorite bed!
Antique Chippendale Chest in Cherry Circa 1820 - Leonards
..and you'll need a chest too right..
Antique New London One Drawer Stand in Cherry, CA 1820 - Leonards
..and how about a nightstand..
Antique Dovetailed Sea Chest in Pine - Early 1800s - Leonards
..a dovetailed sea chest..
Antique Grandfather Clock with Wooden Works, 30 Hour Movement  - Leonards
Ok, it's time to plan your trip to 
Tell them the Jeff Maker Family from 
Westport Harbor sent ya!

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  1. Wow. What an amazing place. It looks well worth the trip. Thanks for the mention. Rosemary


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