Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prada ~ DIY

Prada's Pre-Fall 2010 line didn't do much for me.  I breezed through the review and photos of the fashion show pretty quickly.  I remember some pink camo-like fabric that I thought was sorta fun but wouldn't wear... and there was a retro dot pant suit that I would wear if I actually had somewhere to wear that sort of thing and, oh yeah, there was a sheerling jacket that you could give me for Christmas!  But, all in all, it was not the giant that it usually is. (I loved the crystals from Spring, but who wears that?...Anyway, it was still WoW!) 

So here I sit, in front of my computer screen, excited to see the video posted of the ~ Fall 2010 RTW Show. ~ Today, Miuccia Prada went right back to giant status with me.  You see, for me, a great line is one that makes me pick up my pencil and take notes and scribble pictures in my notebook!  I actually had to pause the video to doodle images I didn't want to forget.


I'm pretty sure my favorite accessory in the show was the cabled headband! I love it when there's something in the show that will be signature to the designer and that I can make myself for a fraction of the price tag!

A Stitch Poet design by moi!

Everybody knows I'm a ruffle fan so the little ruffled edges on the A-line hems I loved. I haven't decided on the ruffled bodice. I just think less is more when it comes to the bustline... I know, right, I'm probably the only person, male or female, that thinks that! My second favorite accessory, which is showing up in every line I've bookmarked, is SOCKS! Over the knee, under the knee, legwarmers, name it, I've seen them stomping down the runway! It's no secret that I think sock knitting is a sin, but only if they are going to be under your britches or hidden by your shoes. Why spend all that time knitting a sock if you're going to hide it?  These, however, are worthy of the needles.  Big chunky ribbing at the top can actually make your legs look thinner, just don't wear them too tight! Not a good look...

Love the bow-belted bulky sweater!
(Say that ten times really fast!)

I can't tell, but I think that bag is knitted.
Knitted leather maybe?
It will be fun to watch for close-up shots of that!

This was my favorite dress, but 
I would leave the shoes.

And hands down, this was my favorite sweater!
I'm RTW, how 'bout you?

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