Monday, March 1, 2010

Color crush!




(via hopscotchandgrace)
via ~ AdorableLife ~
I would love to paint my front door
this color, but I don't think Jeff
will go for it... Maybe I should
paint a piece of poster paper 
to give it a test run.


  1. OMG! LOVE the color. We are either adding on to our house or moving and I have been knee deep in paint chips trying to get inspiration and have been looking for the perfect blue! If you find the color...please do share! We still need to get together! - G

  2. That color is fantastic! I was trying to figure out what color to pain my beehives and I think that's it. Now I need a color for the new chicken coop. Maybe you should just come up and help me, Champagne.

  3. Y'all have BEEHIVES?! I need to post pictures of my daddy's! I love to paint! If you hold off until June, I might just come help!


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