Monday, March 8, 2010


A dead tired ~ Fleetwood Covington ~
His work is amazingly magnetic and I assure you
it has nothing to do with the metal.
It pulls you in and haunts you if you are able to 
walk away without a purchase!

Fleetwood Covington tries "to create art that people can relate to on a very basic level. Using raw materials and a raw documentary approach, I try to project a reverence, not only for the cultural/ historical aspects of my subjects, but for the integrity of the individuals as well. Having been raised in the South, I feel a deep connection to the landscape and its people, and I’m always trying to capture its unique beauty, energy, and humor."

Fleetwood was @ Metrolina this weekend playing his resonator guitar and charming the market goers. I hope he was successful, because I'd like to see him come back. Too bad he wasn't here for the extravaganza! I think he would do well, without a doubt, that weekend. If I had any extra funds right now, I would have talked Jeff into Prayer Beads for the family room. I wish my son had been with us. He's won several art awards over the past few years and I think this guy would have inspired him to keep going. Hobbs loves mixed media and raw images like these. I pray that college and the need to be successful in real world doesn't squash his creative spirit. Mr. Covington told me he does school workshops and seminars. Sure wish they'd bring him to Charlotte Latin. The kids would LOVE him. 

prayer beeds
Prayer Beads
I want this so badly!
Wonder if my dad has any of the old
roof tin from the old barn anywhere.

~ A Conversation with Fleetwood Covington ~
on YouTube

Fleetwood Covington Studio
2587 South 17th Street,Wilmington,NC 28401
phone: (910)538-4242


  1. I like you "lots of much". Fleetwood is unique. He has teamed up with Kenny,"The Tin Man" Kenny from Atlana has works of art that come from old houses. The old metal designs that were used for ceilings. He is framing some of Fleetwood's work. It is most unusual !!! Fleetwood will be at the Metrolina Extravaganza this year

  2. He truly has a God given ability to produce soul emotions in his work. " Real life is stranger than fiction" he says. I feel it is time people get REAL.

  3. His work is amazing...sure wish I could have "Prayer Beads" hanging in my family room. I adore it!


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