Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I feel like a two-year-old screaming...

I set out to slipcover this chair as soon as Jeff left town because I knew he'd have a hard time with the animal print. I was bound and determined that it would be perfect for the room... and well, I had it in my stash, so I needed to use it. After two very long days and a box of Band-aids, what started out as a simple sewing project, became a reupholstering project.>:[  I should have taken before pictures, but I did think to get this naked one. The chair had chunky cording on all the edges that would look a mess under a slipcover so when I started taking it off... well, I really got into it and before I knew it, I had it down to it's bare bones. I really felt like a two-year-old at this point thinking, "Uh-Oh!" I admit I've pulled this off once before, but with an instructor 20 years ago! I was a bit nervous about not having any tools of the trade. I saved every tack and used every piece of fabric I pulled off to guide my scissors and my staple gun....

I'm going upstairs now to finish the next
MBR project...the drapes...3 panels finished,


  1. WOW...that is gorgeous, and the pillow is perfect. (I hadn't thought about Bledsoe's "Bitter Blood" in a while...great book I spied on your shelf).

  2. Please post pics of your drapes as well when you get them done! I am a fan!

  3. Ummm, I have a wingback chair that needs help...I'm just sayin"


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