Saturday, March 13, 2010

The brightest bulb in the house?

Lisa: "Champagne, does this look like a lamp?"

Lisa: "Well, then does this?"

Lisa: "How about this?"

These are great lookin' boots!
No matter how you look 'em!
(if i do say so myself)
And no, when Michael walks in the house,
Lisa is not going to be able 
to pull these off as a boot lamp.

boot lamp 

Lisa bought her "lamp" at ~ Lebo's ~ here in Charlotte. I've worn Luccheses for ummmm maybe 150 years and swear there's not a more comfortable western boot. So, off to Lebo's Lisa and I went today after work!  I don't need boots, I had mine on, but I went along for moral boot support! They're handmade in El Paso, TX and you really do feel like a cowgirl when you wear them! There's no need to break them in... they feel like you've had them for years from the first day you wear them. If you need help you better ask for Shari Mobley @ Lebo's.  She the sassiest boot gal in town and she'll have you in new kicks as soon as you can say, "Yeeehaaa!"  Even Cowgirls get the blues if they don't have Lucchese boots, so y'all mosey on over to...
7300 East Independence Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28227
phone: 704-535-5000
ask for Shari 
tell her the
CrushParty girls sentcha!

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