Monday, March 1, 2010

little corner of my world...

I saw Match Dinnerware at 
in Tiverton, RI last summer. The Cottage is one
of my favorite stops every summer and I always
walk away with a wish list a mile long.
This summer, maybe I'll buy my first piece of Match!

The Cottage is only one of MANY shops in Tiverton.
I'm not crazy about their website though.
You can't begin to see how cute this store is, so 
if you are ever near Tiverton Four Corners, stop in!

One of my favorite art galleries is right at the 
crossroads of T4C, ~ The Donovan Gallery. ~
This is a print of The Four Corners by Christine Bean.
The Donovan Gallery is in the building with the red door!

This painting is of our harbor town by a 
local artist, Arthur Moniz.  It's graphite and watercolor.
His detail is amazing and always mesmerizing. 

This is also the Westport River 
by Martha Mullen Taradash
I really want this painting!!!

And this is the "South Shore" by ~ Tom Deininger ~
Several years ago we bought one of his paintings.
I'm glad we bought it when we did, 
because I'm not sure we could afford to
purchase any of his paintings today.

If I could, I would buy this one!

or this one!
Visit his website to see some of his work and please
It really is fun to WATCH!

Oh Yeah, and before you leave Tiverton Four Corners
Meet a friend for lunch at The Provender!
(It's the building with the wrap-around porch in Christine's print!)

Gray's Ice Cream at Tiverton Four Corners
Grab yourself some ~ Gray's Ice Cream ~
It's also right at the crossroads.

And a project for the road at ~ Sakonnet Purls! ~
psst...they carry Stitch Poet ;-)

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