Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Living + Extinct

Living: England vs Scotland.
The great ~ haggis ~ debate rages on.

Living: ~ V & A Museum ~, ~ Prints and Books ~
one of the great collections for graphic and fine art. 
Sketches made by Beatrix Potter, at Fawe Park.

Extinct: The ~ Witney ~ wool trade, 1223-2002,
a Cotswold industry snuffed out by the duvet.

Exiled: No longer smoked in cafes...
No longer featured in film...
No longer made in France.

Living: F.O.P., Friend Of Piglet. 
Letter written by Ernest Shepard to
"Buffkins", the son of Marie Stopes,
the birth control pioneer, 1930.

Thorpe, 1968
Living: ~ Liberty ~, mix and match from
the permanent collection.

Living: Camouflage. Created by Mother N, 
(date unknown), often imitated by man. 
Oystercatcher eggs at ~ Orford Ness ~, Suffolk.

Living: Freckles and Fairisle.
Twiggy is an Ancient Industries poster girl. 

Photograph possibly by David Bailey.

Living:Crayola ~, from "craie oleaginous"
or oily chalk, since 1904.

Living but scarce: Mary Janes,
pulling out fillings since 1914.

Living: Beekeeping, in Mayfair
Painting 15th century, French School.

Extinct: Must-have accessory for Autumn, circa 1680. 
Gloves from the ~ Victoria & Albert Museum. ~

All of the above images and text I snitched from 
this fabulous blog of Ancient Industries...
via ~ Ancient Industries ~

A new favorite! Sorry for such a long post, but I couldn't help myself.  I just kept clicking. Please visit this blog as it is delightful... there's tons more!  They also have a ~ SHOP ~ full of tradition.  I wish I could remember how I found my way to this blog, because you surely deserve a thank you note! 

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