Monday, April 12, 2010

I love me some cows!


  1. I love cows too. When ever I pass then while driving, I always greet them. My husband on the other hand thinks that I have lost it...

  2. Yay COWS!! We love us some cows, too, here in Zebulon, NC. Saturday I am taking my girls to visit the Tant Farm down the road. My girls are dying to take some photos of the cows. There is a blind cow on the farm and he just follows the others..can't wait to meet him!
    Did you paint the above picture? Beautiful!

  3. OH Patty! send me some pictures!! I adore cows! I have two oils in my dining room that are probably my favorite artwork in my home! MOOOOO LOVE THEM!!! I grew up on a farm and we had cows...stop me now before I tell you about my hamburger/pet story! So sad! His name was Oreo, black and white, would eat out of my hand until... I know right? sadddddd!


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