Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have a seat!

...source unknown...
This is a picture I saved long ago in the "in my next house" file. I love everything about this kitchen! Can't remember where I found it, but would love to have a big picture to drool over. Let me know if you've seen this somewhere bigger or know where I found it.  

But, if I've got to work with what I've got...
...I have a bay window in my kitchen...
...a table with 4 great, but old, mix of chairs...
I need a sturdy seat, but don't want to 
add or take away any chairs...
I'm putting this on my honey-do list!
via ~ Zhush
It would increase my seating options at the table, and add a comfy place to sit, knit and watch my birds! Recently though, I've got this momma blue bird throwing herself against the window. She's been doing this for over a week. Surely she has a headache! The blue bird box is on a river birch facing this bay window, so maybe she's protecting her little family in there. The dad, sits perched on a nearby limb just watching. Probably thinking..."What was I thinking?" Jeff probably does the same thing as he watches me throw myself at the stuff in my "studio." 
picture by ~ Shelley Atkins ~
yeah, that's me unsuccessfully trying to figure out
Shelley's prehistoric sewing machine.
I think a part was missing.

Here's last year's baby birds
that I could not get enough of! by Hobbs Maker...
...I think they are Carolina Wrens...

And then there are the other backyard critters
that I think are beautiful, but would
rather have Jeff's roses!
(they cleaned them naked of every blossom)

Ok, I hate to leave the porch today,
but it's off to work!
We're tagging a new shipment at
There will be pictures of the loot soon!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out! Just love my Champagne!


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