Monday, May 10, 2010

I hope all my moms had an amazing mother's day. . .

Because I could not have said it better myself...

"I’m slowly {very slowly} yielding to my flesh and accepting and finding joy in surrendering and sacrificing for my children. I’m learning that my work at home is of great eternal significance, even if I don’t see it in the daily, mundane and menial tasks so often associated with raising little ones. I am thankful for the children that He has entrusted me with and I hope and pray that the time I have with them is used for His glory.  And I as I daily rescue Rover from his own hands {in all his warrior-ness} and pick up after the fairy princesses I remind myself, “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord,” Psalm 127:3."

(my most recent favorite picture of "Rover")

This is the only mom-blog that I follow religiously. I'm not sure if it's because her children remind me of mine when they were little or if I'm just obsessed with the entire family. I'm not alone in this, I assure you. If you click the link, you will stay awhile and fall in love... I can pretty much promise you that. They are not only beautiful on the outside, all of them, but on the inside too. If you go through the whole blog, I warn you, you might need a box of tissue. You will be moved in every direction... tears of love, hope, joy and a good bit of laughing until you're crying. Then, when you're finished, you'll send a link to your favorite girlfriend or few and follow this blog like it's your favorite reality show.

Do these kids remind you of 

anybody you know?

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