Thursday, May 27, 2010

OH . My . Gracious . The Wait is OVER !

Patterson ordered this one!

and I ordered this one!

I'm so excited I will finally have my very own Rikshaw! I was getting a little nervous that I was going to have to have a baby to get some of this fabulous fabric under my roof! And y'all, how happy am I that it is something to hang in my closet rather than decor a nursery?! I love my children, but I think I would have to throw myself down the stairs! Patterson and I just placed our order, so I hope we're on the early side of this gig, cuz I think she's going to sell OUT!
via ~ Rikshaw Design ~ SHOP ~

psst...Lisa,do I need the gold elephant one too?


  1. you are too sweet! thanks for your orders! gold elephant will be available next week!

  2. I think you might.....But I absolutely adore the one you ordered!!!!
    miss you...where is you?????


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