Friday, July 9, 2010

Combine the Prize ?

Don't forget to vote until July 14th! I'll decide on the 15th, pack my supplies, and take them with me to Westport. And Shelley, the Bob Marley Bag is MINE doll, but it does make me think I should combine the two front runners...Jewelry is still winning by a mile, but knitting is making it a stronger contest.  I'll post the contest the first week of August!


  1. SO, can we vote more than once!?! Haha! LM

  2. I'm entering this contest even if I have to use a fake email!!!! And I totally want knitted....I'm going to freeze this winter and all that cute jewelry isn't going to help me.
    I haven't forgotten about the lavender collar with my name on it...I'm coming to your house and stealing it before winter.
    Love Ya......LA

  3. Lib, NO you can't vote more than once, but there will be rules to get you entered more than once!

    LISA! Lavender cowl is totally yours! And ummm it's 110 in the shade in RI, so it will be a while before you're freezing your tush off! (Are you there now?) And you won't have to use a fake email to enter this little party! Anybody, even Patterson, whether I know ya or not, can enter!! I'm gonna have a witness when I pull the name out of that hat! And if there are lots of entries, there are going to be consolation prizes :D


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