Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freedom . . . and a Give-Away !

I won this necklace on
So I can't say, "I've never won ANYTHING!" 
ever again.

We went to the Flea Market yesterday! It was a small one. I guess because  of the Holiday Weekend. I meant to take my camera, but as usual...forgot it. I got my usual pocket full of trinkets though, and a really good deal. Patterson and I got some charms and when we asked if she could do better on the price, we ended up getting one for free. It made me think... FREE... is so nice... and especially this weekend. So, in honor of our freedom, I've decided I'm going to have a little give-away! Everybody's doing it and I've even won some really cool stuff. I'm a little late for Independence Day cuz I don't know what to give away...  

So Y'all vote!

champagne maker
...Visit me ~ here ~ to see my stuff...

click "love" if you want jewelry,
click "obsessed" if you want sewing,
 or "notsomuch" if you want something knitted.

I'll decide the rules when I decide on the prize.
I don't like randomly generated decisions, 
but I do like answering a question. 
I'll be thinking about this and decide next week!
Leave a comment if you have a specific request 
or some thoughts on the rules.
...I'm new at this game...

(psst...if you're reading this in a "Reader" you 
can't see the voting boxes...come to the blog!)


  1. The rules should be whatever YOU want them to be. It's YOUR game. LOVE IT! Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I follow you too. Love ya!

  2. Well, MK and LM just voted "love" so, .... we are more than happy to help you with rules and or questions! (Or, prize selection!) We haven't won anything and we've been following the bright side project all year!

    What a decision! MK instantly said 'love' and I was torn between 'love ' and 'notsomuch' -
    but figured if she won, I'd borrow it! Or hide it when she packs for college!

    Cool new thing on Crush party! LM

  3. BOB MARLEY BAG!!! ;) or really anything you touch! I wuv you!


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