Sunday, August 22, 2010

At Second Glance . . .

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I found a new blog, ~ Nest Egg ~ today by
Rachel Halvorson,
an adorable interior designer in Nashville, TN.

I didn't get very far, before I started right clicking! A bloggers favorite hobby. She's adorable and the giant porch swing is fabulous, but I got sidetracked on Rick Bragg! See the highlighted article on the magazine cover... He's one of my all-time favorite writers. I found lots of stuff on Rachel's blog that I need to check out, like ~ Imogene & Willie ~...can't wait! But first Rick...

Rick Bragg was born in Alabama, dirt poor, to a troubled marriage.  He was an average student, but worked on his high school and college newspapers. He worked for several newspapers in different southern cities and in 1992 was awarded the Neiman Fellowship to study journalism at Harvard. By 1994 Bragg was working for the New York times and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his human interest stories.

(New York: Pantheon, 1997)
His first book, ~ All Over but the Shoutin',~ was published in 1997. It's one of my most favorite books ever. I can taste this book! So southern. When you finish this book, you wonder how in the world his mom found the strength to raise her boys. You'll then pick up...

Ava's Man ~ 
to find out where she found her strength.  

(image: Tamara Reynolds)
Rick pictured here with his mom...

"It is hard to think of a writer who reminds us more forcefully 
and wonderfully of what people and families are all about."
New York Times Book Review

Bragg is now a writing professor at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. I've got friends with kids there. I hope they've heard of him and have had the opportunity to at least hear him speak or been lucky enough to take his class. 

I'm going to order ~ The Prince of Frogtown ~ and read the third autobiographical tale... This time it's about his dad. Portrayed in his earlier books as an "abusive drunk," this book takes a closer look and "while by no means sympathetic, the portrayal shows readers a man who had limited choices in education, employment, relationships and ultimately behavior."**  Bragg calls him a "one-dimensional villain." (Read more ~ HERE ~)

(photo: Bernard Troncale)

"Becoming a stepfather inspired Rick Bragg to write about his father in "The Prince of Frogtown." "When I got married, it seemed like every time I turned around here was this 10-year-old kid," the author says. "And every time he would do something aggravating or funny, I would think about my dad." (The Birmingham News)

I loved the first two so much,
I can't wait to read this last book,
but now I'm going back to Rachel's blog
while I wait on the UPS man...

**School Library Journal review on Amazon

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