Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bobby McTalented !

This week on ~ The Skirted Roundtable ~
Joni, Megan & Linda chat with ~ Bobby McAlpine ~
You will love this man!

The Home Within Us
“A sumptuously illustrated book 
that proves he's also equal parts 
poet, philosopher and acute observer 
of the human psyche... a work of poetry... 
It’s beautiful and also stirring, 
emotional and deeply felt.”

Again, you will love this man!
Potty mouth and all!


  1. Thanks for including our work on your lovely blog!

  2. And thanks for including YOUR work in our lovely world!

    Wow! I can only assume that Joni led you here as I know she often checks out my little shout outs after she has blown me away with one of her posts or interviews and moves me to comment. I'm still thinking about Bobby's interview. It broke my heart when it was over. I want to be him in my next life. And I want to be able to express myself as well as he does in this one.


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