Saturday, August 28, 2010

Faux Real ?

Today, I read my ~ Cote de Texas ~ mail and
Joni had posted pictures of a wonderful cottage
for sale in San Antonio. Go see the rest of the
post, but the Master Bedroom was my favorite!

I loved how the bed was made with a simple linen bedspread. I think I'll do that when my coverlet needs replacing. I also loved the pair of linen smooshy club chairs. Don't you love the seat cushions... They make you just want to climb in. Now, let's talk about those antiqued mirrored doors... I think they are the best "reminder" I've scrolled across in a long time. Jeff keeps asking for honey-do projects since we're going to have an empty nest. I've always wanted a gianormous mirror leaning (to make me look skinny like in the dressing room at Anthropologie... but that's another rant... I mean post.) against my bedroom wall. Jeff's gotten pretty handy with his saw that I got for my birthday so I'm going to show him these pictures and I'll let you know if he takes the bait...

Black Trumeau Mirror

Antique Old Large French Gold Leaf Mirror

To antique a new mirror, you'll need to remove the paint that usually covers the back of mirrors with paint stripper. Being careful not to scratch the silver coating.  With a spray bottle of Muriatic Acid, lightly spray any area on the back of the mirror anywhere that you want distressed antique spots. Let the acid sit for a minute or two and then remove it by wiping with a clean rag. Once you've removed enough of the mirrored surface, Paint the back of your mirror black. This is what gives you the black distressed spotting on the mirror.

If you have a favorite old mirror
or even just one on your wish list,
send me a pic or a link. 
I'd love to see it. 

I also LOVE this mirrored nightstand,
which could also be a DIY project!

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