Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep . . .

Look what I found!
And what happens when I find
stuff I can't have?
I just show y'all and that makes
me feel better!
This is an amazing Italian Painted Bed!
I found it here...

1190 Huff Road
a 13,000 square feet antique warehouse
in Atlanta's Westside Shopping District
...think European Street Fair...

They have some great photo albums on their ~ facebook ~ page. Become a follower and watch their albums entitled "Dig of the Day" which is kinda like a little ~ tumblr ~ on facebook! Lots of inspiring photographs taken and found and sharing them with all. Uhhh... sound familiar? I'm going to put them in my "places to check out in Atlanta" file when these empty nesters hit the road! My bank account is hoping that someone else will buy that bed and...

...Look what else I found...
these dang chairs are KILLING me!
they need to be in my house!

It looks like a fabulous shopping experience.
I love the warehouse feel when antiquing.
Now go buy my bed so I don't have to!

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