Monday, August 23, 2010

Seriously !

via ~ Lox Papers ~
XW875-4 Bee on Brown Needlepoint Loafer
Needlepoint ~ ByPaige ~
I totally NEED these!
Don't I?!

XH-B Crab Needlepoint Baby Booties
XH-774Leopard Needlepoint Baby Shoes
XH-1326 Lobster Needlepoint Booties
XH-09  Brown Dog Needlepoint Baby Booties
And I'm pretty sure there's not a cuter 
baby gift out there!!

** SALE**  X03373 Lobster on Beige Needlepoint Loafer
X7014-1 Red Lobster
The Lobsters are so fun!
and the blue ones are on sale!

Lobster Needlepoint Cosmetic Bag
Blue Crab Needlepoint Cosmetic Case
I adore the cosmetic bag!
Great little girlfriend gift @ $26

PW772 Fox Facing Left Needlepoint Pillow 18
And pillows!
My new family room might need one of these!

...I feel a very preppy season coming on...
I've already bought black Bass Penny Loafers!

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