Monday, August 9, 2010

Sharpest Tool in The Shed !

Rosemary of ~ Content In A Cottage ~
shared the amazing miniature artwork of 
~ Dalton Ghettitoday on her blog. 
Of course I clicked and followed
the link! 

...Let's just get to the point...
...this is truly amazing...

Dalton Ghetti, Brazilian born now from Connecticut, is a carpenter and has been creating these tiny sculptures for about 25 years. He uses 3 basic tools: a razor blade, a sewing needle and sculpting knife. PLEASE note that there is not a magnifying glass listed here! These sculptures take months and, y'all, they are gifts! He has never sold any of his work...

This is the "cemetery collection"
the ones that broke before completion.
He glues them to the head of a pin for 
the cemetery. So sad.

And if that's not enough little news
for you this!
Willard Wigan's Nannoscuplture 
Needle Eye Sized Art


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