Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bye-Bye Bean Boots . . .

I painted these maybe 20 years ago on our
Laundry Room wall...
Jeff's putting up beadboard today.
I'll miss these little boots.
Those were the days,
but new days
are good


  1. You're a freakin' great painter too?! How much talent can one person have? lol. Love ya.

  2. haha Laurie, you're so funny. Together, we'd make a heckofa gal!

    Yes I paint, but not much in the last few years...I CAN'T SEE ANYMORE! But I may have new glasses TODAY or TOMORROW!!! Whhooohhhoooo!

  3. nooo you can't get rid of those! :(
    love, mbp


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