Friday, September 24, 2010

Cote de To-Do List . . .

Joni posted this picture from Southern Living today. I love the benches! Nobody feeds my to-do list like Joni Webb of ~ Cote de Texas!~ I've had a window seat ~ for my kitchen ~ on my honey-do list for forever. When Jeff doesn't like the idea, he doesn't jump right on it, so I'm thinking he hates the idea.

When I asked for beadboard in Hobbs's room and the laundry room last week, all you saw of him was a cloud of dust and two elbows. He ran to The Depot for all of his supplies. The old mini van was on two wheels turning out of the neighborhood and returned with the tailgate tied down to beadboard and molding. Within an hour, he was ripping tile off the wall so fast it blew my paint samples off the counter! Now don't go tell him I put this picture on the internet, but something tells me he'd be all puffed up proud of himself. Yes, he's 54, and can still wear his high school jeans... he swims several miles a week and spends his fare share of time in the weight room. It's enough to make a girl starve herself to death, but I'm proud of him... not proud of that stupid 20 year old stupid, stupid paint job but you didn't notice part that right?

Ok, back to the benches. If I did this, I could move my Hitchcock chairs into the dining room to mix with my shield back upholstered dining chairs. I think I should a-little-bit slipcover those too, but that's another idea for when I sneak my pink dining room into the house...

Suzanne Kasler via ~ Cote de Texas ~
see, I told you she rules my to-do lists in every room

I will have these pink drapes!

And I will show you Hobbs's Room and the
Laundry Room when I finish, 
but I'll warn you...
I'm slower than Christmas about decorating.
Hobbs looked like this last time I did anything
other than laundry in his room...

But it has to be put back together
by the time he comes home for Fall Break.
He IS coming home for Fall Break, RIGHT!?


  1. Just keep saying it and it will happen! I
    hope they're ALL coming home for Fall Break!
    Awesome Post today! Love what you've done
    with the place! xoxo, LM

  2. thanks for the shout out! your blog is so cute - almost as cute as your husband. wow.

  3. hahaha, Thanks Joni! But you don't mind if I don't tell him you think so, right? I'll have to call a contractor to enlarge all the doors so he gets his head through...

  4. So what Patterson, you get to go to college and decorate your new apartment, but we have to stay here livin' in the past? No Dear, change is good, and if you don't come home for Fall Break, I'll paint your room.


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