Sunday, September 26, 2010

Holly, I Can't Take This Lightly !

I saw this on ~ Holly Goes Lightly ~ last night.
So before our hardware errands today,
Jeff and I ran over!
So glad we did!
Look what we found...

(I wish I had taken my camera!
I snitched these shots from Lisa's blog.)

~ Lisa Sherry ~ and Susan Simpson
This is Lisa, and Susan's just as cute.
I couldn't find a website for Susan,
but I believe you can find her 
(y'all let me know if I've got that part wrong!)

Lisa is, in her own words from her ~ website ~"I am a purposeful, committed and creative rule breaker. Especially (but not exclusively) when it comes to interior design. While I respect and understand traditional design precepts, I believe great interiors bend and twist and reinterpret the so-called rules. Therein lies the fun, the creativity and the individuality. This website is a wonderful introduction to my world. Won’t you join me? Explore. Be inspired. Begin today."

Holly, I missed the donuts dang-it,
but I can't wait to go back to the
NOVEMBER POP-UP EVENT as our budget this 
month has been SPENT!
I'm sure we'll hear more about
the November Pop-Up ~ here ~

Interieurs Banner
Yes, yet one more blog to follow...

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