Thursday, September 9, 2010

Watch Your Step !

This is the coolest idea!
Made in Germany of the finest New Zealand Wool,
turn any drawing into a carpet for your home.

Obviously these are children's drawing, but any drawing will do. Each rug is tufted by hand and costs about $18/square foot. That just seems like a deal to me for a custom wool tufted rug. Right? I guess the shipping might be expensive, but what a treasure! They're having a drawing contest for kids right now. If you live in Europe, you child could enter and win his/her very own creation to keep underfoot in their own room. Click ~ here ~ for more details.

Added notes: Just checked with Carpetzz (nicest folks btw!) Shipping to US on a 3x5 is approximately $56 USD. Which is about $326 for a CUSTOM-MADE rug! I'm totally doing this in my laundry room! (Shhhh - I think this is going on the buy-this-for-Jeff-list. What do y'all think about Westport buoys on a shingle wait, a farm scene with cows!?) 
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