Friday, October 22, 2010

Gimme Some Zink !

Just saw this console table on 
She posted a great home today...go see.

This table is haunting me. I even sent the picture to the master of my honey-do list along with the kitchen pics. I know he's sitting at work rolling his eyes because I send him something "I think he can make for me" daily. But we're in the middle of LITTLE fixes and tweeks in our modest little home to make us happy about being there. It's empty now (not stuff, kids, but not this weekend) and we'd love to hitch our wagon to the next star, but reality is that we're pretty planted for awhile. First it was the laundry room, since it's pretty much the entrance everyone uses. I'm sure I'll post pictures when we have all the stuff on the walls, but Jeff did a bang-up job on the wooden counter tops and beadboard walls. Of course now I think he can tackle the kitchen with his saw and nail gun, but we moved on to Hobbs's room first... well, because it has never been worthy of the artist that lives in there. We're not finished with either of those projects and I'm off planning the next. Does anybody know where a do-it-yourselfer can find zink? I'm thinking my kitchen island so I need a big piece! Those of you that know me are shaking your head saying "typical, what does she think she can make all by herself now?" But new stuff makes all your old stuff look really old. And I don't mean in a fine antique kinda way... Except the way this sconce is hung on this old door...I'm gonna do that somewhere too! PrettyStuff, you want that in your room?!! 

visit ~ Cote de Texas ~ to see the rest!
Clearly Joni is one of my favorite 
interior design bloggers.

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