Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Just Can't Let it Go . . .

Knit Picks ~ saves the day every time you 
need to make something with 
a ton of colors.

I couldn't get theCopenhagen Cardigan ~ from Sundance out of my head all afternoon. I love the sweater, but I really don't NEED it! So off to Knit Picks to figure out how much it would cost me if I just made one. It looks like there are 12 colors, but I haven't done the yardage math yet. I need to figure out how many skeins I need, but when the yarn is less than $4/skein, it's crazy not to try, right? I think I can make it for less than half the cost of the real thing. 

Swish Worsted Yarn
100% Washable Merino Wool

There's 110 yards per skein and I can knit on size 8s or 9s which means it's a speedy knit. It's great to use washable and dry-able wool for a sweater this big because it sure makes the drying part so much easier. 

Well, if I loose steam on making the Copenhagen,
I've at the very least decided 
to make another "Low Tide" sample 
for ~ Stitch Poet ~ 
It will help to speed the pattern publishing.

Knit Picks Palate (right to left, top to bottom): Dusk, Truffle, Cornmeal, Big Sky, Orange, Pebble, Lemongrass Heather, Carnation, Squirrel Heather, Cobblestone Heather, Lotus, and Marble Heather.

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