Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Wood You Do?

Artichaut Cutting Board - Footed Charcuterie Plate - Black Walnut, Sustainable Harvest

Bistro Plate - Cutting Board - American Cherry, Sustainable Harvest

Rustic Thanksgiving Cutting Board - Serving Platter - Black Walnut, Sustainable Harvest

Rustic Wedding Bowl - Large Wooden Serving - Sustainable Spalted Elm

Two Jointed Flitch - Custom Bench or Shelf - Spalted Maple and Cherry, Sustainable Harvest

Large Rustic Banquet Platter - Footed Cutting Board - Black Walnut, Sustainable Harvest

Mini Cutting Board and Platter - Sushi Board - Spalted Maple (Custom)

Custom Cutting Board - Wood Platter - Sustainable Hardwood

vist ~ HERE ~
buy it ~ HERE on ETSY ~
On their location info on ETSY, they list
Barrington, MA, so you know they are on my
visit list for next summer!

(shhhh, what should i buy jeff for christmas? he'd love this stuff!)


  1. I love how rustic yet minimalist some of those designs are. Great stuff!


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