Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Canvas The Joint . . .

I finished one of Hobbs's bolster pillows today.
I have no idea what I measured when I started these things,
but when I put the pillow form into what I thought was a finished project...

I was almost finished and it was about a foot too long!
I was so focused on getting them the right size around, I guess
I forgot to actually measure the length, so what was suppose
to take me one hour tops, ended up several, a total refitting.
and lots of poking around with the seam ripper.
Seriously, I almost cried. UGHHHH!

But at the end of the day (and the foot of the bed)
One bolster pillow checked off my list.

It looks like a duffle bag and 
I lettered it with sentimental locations.
(My feet up there are standing on one of them!)

Pillows for guys are hard. Most guys aren't exactly fans of throw pillows, but I think Hobbs will approve. I'm keeping the trim to a minimum and when I do use it, I'm using the tough manly stuff (hemp). It's insanely difficult to sew as it is so dang thick and stiff. As you can see, my cording join sucks, but it was not a friendly cord and I was so close to throwing it all in the trash, but I figured Hobbs wouldn't care. And if I would quit pointing it out, maybe no one would notice. I wanted to be finished with these two bolsters before Hobbs comes home tomorrow for Thanksgiving Break, but it's not going to happen. What's left to make? 1 bolster, 2 Euros, 2 Standard Pillowcases, 1 18" Pillow, 1 coverlet, a pillow for the rocker, and finish the curtains. There's lots of stuff to frame and hang, but it's starting to look put back together...Maybe by Christmas break?!

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