Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Hard Fact . . .

It's no secret I'd love to rip out my kitchen. 
But since I can't...I'd settle for some
new lighting, countertops, and sink.
I crush all things concrete!
I'm not sure why. 
Maybe it's the smooth cold surface I love...

I have a huge crush on
Designers/Craftsmen here in Charlotte
I've grabbed some photos from
their portfolio that will help explain why.
Visit their site to see more,
but I promise, it may compromise your budget!

Dear husband, may I please have that sink,
concrete countertops, and might as well
throw in those cuphandles, right?
I'm normally a pretty inexpensive date.
...Sorry honey...


  1. I love concrete too! not only would I love concrete counters, but my secret obsession is to build a concrete home.... steel, glass and concrete.... As I laugh at Fire! stamped concrete floors, oh, I have designed this home in my head so many times.... Have you seen the recycled glass counters??? where they use concrete and glass, colors of your choice??? beautiful...

  2. "Reaching Quiet" did a counter top in our showroom window that has blue glass trickled across and over. It's beautiful. These guys are true artists! Check out their website! It's amazing what they can do. I just really want that concrete sink and simple concrete countertops....ok, would love some interesting cutting board inserts, but I'll take anything I can get!

  3. If I had the space I would try to make my own. I may do one for the backyard BBQ next summer. I bought the recycled glass for garden mulch last year (blue, green and soft green/whites) and now want to use it in the concrete counter and the rest of the mulch in a fish pond using a claw foot tub for my garden. We finished the front yard and now it's on to the rear yard... I will be sketching soon.

  4. Outside is one thing here...inside would be another. Not going to attempt kitchen countertops, but would be all over a concrete table in the back yard. In fact, I believe I've posted and sent links to the keeper of the honey-do list! ;)

  5. Like minds??? I swear we were separated at birth! except I'm a tad bit older than you. Love the concrete stuff and for that matter most everything you post is lovely! Thanks for the inspiration...

    Leslie from... something to inspire...


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