Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cinderella Stitches . . .

My next week will be stitching in between the holiday hoop-a-la.
I've got two fancy frocks to make for ~ Charlotte Romance's ~
fancy little Deb Ball. I've always loved sewing for ~ Pretty Stuff ~
but this year's different...I'm going to the ball too!
I feel a bit like Cinderella in that last night I dismantled one
of ~ Pretty Stuff's ~ Prom Dresses to start my own.
It killed me because it was my all-time favorite!
but she assures me she's worn it enough.

I removed all of the beading to recycle in my dress and the silk...
well, let's just say it was hard to close the lid.

So, Cinderella sat on the fireplace hearth last night
stitching her own dress for the ball....

~ Charlotte Romance ~ Molly in the Middle ~ Pretty Stuff ~

Look how young they were!
They are still best friends and ~ Pretty Stuff ~
has been roommates with Molly in the Middle all 4 years of college.
(even though she doesn't follow her ~ tumblr ~)

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