Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knitting Is TOO a Sexy Sport !

I hate it. I've always loved this picture, but just now really looked at it. Sorta looks like she's peeling an apple cuz there's no sign of a second needle, it's not a vintage crochet hook or she'd have the yarn control in the other hand. I've always read that she was an avid knitter so if she's just pretending, I'm crushed I tell ya... Just when you think knitting is a sexy sport...I'm hoping she just holds her needles funny and you can't see the other and I hope none of my KNITTING SEXY GIRLS are posers!




  1. Nah, Audrey is definitely knitting - I hold my needles like that too.

  2. Oh! Longhorn Diva saves the day! I thought, "kill me now." if this was as it looks. Thanks for restoring my faith!!! xo

  3. when I knit socks or non bulky stuff, I also hold my needles similarly, faster knitting and very restful to my carpal tunnel afflicted hands. Audrey grew up in a time when all children were taught to knit. Gosh, I miss her!


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