Monday, December 13, 2010

My Neighbor's Having a Baby . . .

It's a Boy! 
I'm going to make her this teddy and offer to teach her how to knit!
She has an adorable 2 year old daughter and they 
remind us of us when we were young parents. 
She's having her Hobbs.

The pattern for this Teddy is from 
Erika Knight's ~ Natural Nursery Knits ~
and I was immediately smitten by ~ BBBCraft's ~ adorable pictures!
I am equally smitten with the rest of the blog!


  1. Sweetest little bear ~ what a great give to share the instruction of knitting!

  2. It might be a selfish gift in that I love having friends to knit with and would love one right next door. She's so sweet! I'm excited for them!

  3. i wanna have a baby just so he/she might wake up every morning to one of your adorable bears and a mom who now knows how to knit.

    i think i have a crush :)

  4. can't imagine anything more fun than a neighborhood full of bloggers and knitters! y'all move here!


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