Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off to Neiman Marcus for the Top 10 Resort Must Haves !

I picked my favorites in each category.
It's something I look forward to every season
As well as sneaking into the store @ South Park just to peak!

Pink is always my No.1 pick for EVERY season!
I adore this tiny ~ Marc Jacobs ~ bag!

I doubt you'd get lost on the beach in this
Juicy Couture ~ bathing beauty.

If I could stand up in these ~ Lanvin WedgesI believe I'd have to have 'em!
They do tie at the ankle, which helps, so let's not be too hasty
in crossing them off the list!

Oh Dear! No words necessary for this
~ Devon Leigh ~ Cuff

This ~ Valentino Tote ~ is certainly off the budget chart,
but, oh my, how I do love this bag! Valentino has created this shape 
~ in floral prints ~ too which will rob the 
fashion show everywhere!

In the south, nothing is more comfortable than 
the classic sheath dress when it's 110 in the shade!
I love the armhole shaping on this 

No.7, go ahead and make me kick myself one more time
for not buying the adorable trench I found in Spain!
I love the military color and the hem of this 

I adore this look!
A pretty silk blouse, tweedy shorts and heels!
Thank you ~ Jason Wu ~

I'm not sure how I feel about this one, 
but I couldn't skip No.9, it's my lucky number!
I do love me some Orange though
and this ~ Etro ~ scarf print is beautiful.

and last but not least,
these ~ Valentino ~ bows have been
showing up on Tumblr since they were spotted at Resort Fashion Weeks. 
I'm not usually a fan of nude shoes, but I think these are stunning!
I'm gonna stick with the fact that I can't walk in them 
to make myself feel better about not 
being able to have them!

Ok, hope this post warmed you up a bit. I'm freezing my fanny off this morning and trying not to think about the holiday shopping that has not been done or the gifts that are not finished. I think I'll stay home today, skip the crowds and work on my handmade gift list...hmmmm...are you on it?

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