Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Thrill of The Chase . . .

Ok, so I'm not talking about Steeplechase Racing.
I love how the internet is a click, click, click
instant access to the coolest stuff.

I just saw this on ~ Spring Greens Tumblr ~ (click No.1) I reblogged it in my ~ Crush Cul de Sac Tumblr(more than one click but we'll call it No.2) then clicked over to ~ Ready Made ~ (click No.3) and landed in a VERY COOL site. Their post lead me to ~ Kara Paslay's DIY Mason Jar Chandelier ~ (click No.4). I bookmarked that page and clicked to follow her ~ blog ~ (click No.5)My next trip was to ~ Kara Paslay's Website ~ (click No.6)I like her attitude: "Do what you love, love what you do!" Next was the ~ Products for Sale Tab ~ (click No.7) because we all know I can help you spend your money. The ~ Mason Jar Chandelier ~ (click No.8) is for sale and only $200!

No.8 made my day 
and started the flurry of clicking that made me lose count,
but you're here now and my blogging duty is done for the day!
Y'all have a nice one and I'm going to go try to put a dent
in the rest of my Christmas to-dos...
I'm running out of time! 

(ps - I'll add the DIY link to my sidebar DIY List so you don't have to go chasing this around on your own.)


  1. would love this in my laundry room, but the ceilings are too low I think... :( Maybe we can just make a smaller one!


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