Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Competitive Selv - Edge . . .

Gansey, a reversible seamless wool sweater worn by fishermen.
In the new ~ Selvedge Magazine ~ (Issue No. 38),
Don't miss the illustrations by Gina Lee Bean.
There's still time to participate 
in the ~ Moray Firth Gansey Project ~ competition.
Design a 21st Century Gansey pattern to display the marine life on the Scottish coastline. The deadline to compete is March 5th 


  1. Hello there!!! Thank you so much for highlighting my illustrations and crediting me too...much appreciated. I love your blog and shall be following it. Thanks again...hugs x

  2. You bet! Couldn't resist! They're fabulous! Especially to someone who spends their days with a needle in one hand(or both) and a paint brush in the other :) xov (kisshugstitch)


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