Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feels Like The Past in The Future . . .

I just fell in love with ~ Ewa i Walla ~

Designs from Stockholm by Ewa Iwalla feel vintage yet the 
modern and unique combination of fabrics is so current. 
I don't think I could wear all the layers at once.
I'm not tall and skinny enough for that,
but the pieces are fabulous and could 
live in clothes like these...
one piece at a time.

I think the Spring & Summer collection might be my favorite.
I love the ruffles and I love the red stamping.
The jewelry is great and can't go without mentioning the bangs!
You know I love bangs! 
Good thick ones!

I would have dressed ~ PrettyStuff ~ in these!
The children's collection is precious!

all of the images were gathered from ~ Ewa i Walla's Website ~
...visit to see more romantic layers...

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  1. are you kidding! I'd wear the the children's stuff now!! LOVE IT!


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