Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

Apparently, you aren't what you think you are. I just got a late-night phone call from ~ PrettyStuff ~ ranting about not being a Libra anymore and not sure how she feels about being a Scorpio. Of course my first thought was that she'd found some crazy blog post somewhere, but then a little Google search sent me right to an article that confirmed this rant. I think PrettyStuff found some other dates, cuz by the chart I found, she's a Virgo, not a Scorpio. I'm now a Pisces instead of an Aries. I found these characteristic cards online...

I have to admit I like the description of Pisces better...
Or maybe they just seem easier for me to live up to.
Is there a reason for that?
I mean, I wouldn't have to try so hard 
to be something I apparently am. 

Then I sought out the daily horoscopes and read my old one first...

Sounds good, but exhausting right?
Then I read my NEW one!
Y'all! Change is good!
...And I do like the whole fish thing...

But then I saw this and got a little worried:
Uh oh, is this why I like my new sign?
Because I'm lazy and it's easier to be a Pisces 
than that resolution making Aries person?
What's your new sign? Do you like it?

NOW, while I've been searching around and writing this post, there's been an update on the ~ Washington Post Article ~ where I started...STOP THE PRESSES...we don't get to switch if we like our new one better...You can go read for yourself and there's even a 13th sign that I'd never even heard about. Obviously I'm not that into it and have never been one to read my horoscope every day, but I liked my new sign. I'm comfortable being my usual Aries I guess and I would never have labeled me as "lazy." 

So don't worry your ~ PrettyStuff ~ little head, Pete, you're still a Libra!


  1. Want to hear something tragic? What was once a 'little' regret is now a 'ridiculous' regret. Someone (let's say 'a friend') got a tattoo of her astrological sign...and now it changed. Eek.


  2. ahahahaha NOOOO, it's all the buzz, you can keep your sign and your tattoo! the seasonal signs are the same. I say, pick the one you like better though, there's an excuse (justification) for everything right!? hahahaha You go rock that tattoo doll!!!


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