Monday, January 17, 2011

I've Got My Work Cut Out for Me . . .

The Great Family Room Redo...
Circa Charlotte
Ok, y'all know that Hot Husband and I decided that once the dog passed away and the boy went to college that we'd start all of our empty nest projects. Out with the old and in with the new and clean, right? (And keep me from losing my mind and dying of loneliness.) Well, now I'm dying of design envy. I went to ~ Circa ~ today and did NOT want to come home.... We started decorating our home 20 years ago @ Circa so it was only natural to return now that it's time to do it again...

I want this sofa in my study, like yesterday!
(fyi, the study is not on the fix-it list. will never be able to sneak this in the house.)
(and brently, I spy a sonitrol sticker! woohoo!)

These are not greats picture, but I loved this adorable small display shelf. 
Of course I'd have to go spend even more money to find stuff
worthy of display, but I'm sure I could find a great
place for this in my new clean family room.

Another not so great picture of a piece I could
definitely lose some sleep over!
Can you tell? It's beige hide and irresistible!

The detailing on most of their upholstered pieces and their pillows
is enough to send a seamstress into emotional distress!
Seriously, the attention to detail is beautiful!

I want to incorporate this detail when I reupholster the sofa!

And this is definitely on the wish list! 
We need to add an extra chair to the seating arrangement and 
The focus at the moment, however, is getting the sofa reupholstered,
replacing our club chairs and storing the old ones for 
one of the kids to adopt and slipcover.

(I'm guessing that will be ~ PrettyStuff ~ as she graduates from college in May!)

Circa has an incredible back room of lamps and shades.
I'll need to go back with a need-list and maybe
a lamp or two in hand.

If you've been to my house, you know about the "room" I refer to
as "the studio." It's where all my "stuff" happens.
Years ago I "acquired" (uh-hm..found on the curb) 
a sideboard that I crammed full of knitting magazines,
beading supplies and...well stuff, but Circa had several pieces that have
maybe inspired me to get it painted and use it in the family room for the TV.

There's a piece (16 drawer chest!) at ~ Rooney Robison Antiqes ~
that I'm dying for, but then I couldn't get new chairs...sooo
I have to just admire it on Thursdays, but I think I 
will buy these glass bottles!

(dear husband, hot husband, can I go ahead and get these
before Woozie buys them?)

So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me. There's lots of painting and sewing in my near future, but at least it helps with missing the kids. We're ordering club chairs today and I think by the time they arrive, I will have finished the Hobbs's Room Makeover and the pillows for the Master Bedroom. I'll be able to focus on the list I created for myself today. Being able to do-it-yourself is a bit of a budget blessing, but it's also a curse...You can't justify anything you can make yourself and I'm afraid after what I saw today, my handy work won't measure up... 

I borrowed all of the Circa pics from ~ Their Shop Blog
and you can acquire more Rooney Robison crushes ~ HERE ~

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