Saturday, January 15, 2011

Neiman's Spring Top 10 . . .

Y'all know how much I love Neiman's Lists, 
so here's what's in store for 
Spring 2011!

...Notes to Self...

  • need to buy something coral
  • be happy that I will be in style with all the boho I never stopped wearing
  • flowers, buy big & small and learn to plant them as well
  • always look for good excuses to buy more stripes
  • grow 3 inches so I won't look stupid in wide-leg pants or learn to walk in heels!
  • bleach my dingy whites
  • buy those Michael Kors ankle strap sandals in picture no.7 and know the blister on my ankle is going to be worth it!
  • hope that new fresh make up will make me look younger
  • organize beading supplies and get to work
  • sell long necklaces to justify a tiny bag purchase
collages were made with pictures from 

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