Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh What to Do with My Doo !

...I have a hair appointment coming up...
Of course Hot Husband found an old photograph of me,
(yes, he was cleaning out a drawer...we all know he likes empty drawers.)
but he wants me to grow my hair back out...ughhhh!

I love that man, but he has no idea the pain of a grow out. PLUS, the grey is all very loud when it's long. It's still "sharpie markerable" when it's shorter. I'll have to find a really big marker if I grow it out! What am I going to do with my hair!? I do have a new favorite shampoo and conditioner though...

Health Infusing® Shampoo Health Infusing® ConditionerStrength Boosting™ Leave In Spray
I never buy fancy shampoo...just grab it at the grocery store.
I am however a packaging Wh*#e!
...I bought this because of the spring green...
It was raining when I bought it...just jumped in my buggy!
I'm glad it did, makes my feathers fluffy!
Y'all try it but don't blame me if this happens!

enough silliness, go wash your hair 
and do somethin' with it!

Images found ~ Beauty In the Ordinary ~

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  1. To grow or not to grow?...I've finally after 50+ years realized I like my hair long. So, for the umpteenth time I'm growing it out...again. Just brushing my shoulders now, I need about 5 more inches. Fortunately, I could grow hair for England, so I'm thinking desired length by Autumn. Secret is to stay away from those scissor-loving hairdressers.
    Haven't tried Root Awakening, so I will keep an eye out for John Frieda though. Nice to be following you...anywhere Champers!!


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