Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Paint Like This . . .

...This reminds me of my son Hobbs's work...
...I need to ask permission to post some of his...

Image via ~ Ciara Bird


  1. how do you do it?? so many lovely posts...every darn day?? :) i am head over heels for this painting!!

    and your son...when do we get to see his work???

  2. teehee... mrs.m, I can sorta knit (real job) and click at the same time so I'm always searchin' for somethin' I wish I could lay claim to all of this stuff, but all I do is seek and find. The talent out there in this world really is amazing! I'm gonna track that kid of mine down and beg for permission to put it here. He's really good. I hope he doesn't lose interest in creating.


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