Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
via ~ KnighttCat ~
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2011
...I really don't care what angle you look at these pants...
I don't think they would look good on anyone.
And unless you have a little problem,
where the heck is she going
I think what's missing is the little black "Glamour Don't" box
...Sorry...I just don't get it...

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...lose the blouse & jacket...
...put on a simple cashmere sweater...
...and this skirt gets my vote...

...I have some black and cream polka dot chiffon...
...the dots are even graduated...
I don't know where I think I'M going...but it's an idea!


  1. I don't get it either... I do, however, totally get your blog. Happy to have stumbled upon it via Rikshaw. :) Erica

  2. Thank you Erica! I'm gonna follow your link and come check you out...I sure hope you don't have on these pants! If so, I'm sure you and only you are looking lovely in them ;-) Love me some Rikshaw! I will need to replace my Rikshaw kurta this summer...wore it completely to death...well, not going to Goodwill with it, but will need another for my good jeans :)

  3. lovely and inspirational, as always!


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