Tuesday, January 25, 2011

super groovie . . . KEEN !

...Spring WILL get here sooner or later...
So will Saturday morning trips to the Farmer's Market and the Flea Market!
I need to be ready with some comfy cool flats and I love ~ Keens. ~
I thought I wanted the Newport. They've been on my wish list for years.
Hot Husband has a pair and says they are so comfortable, 
but when I went on the website to dog-ear my page...
I found more crushes!
The slippers are adorable,
and the Summer Goldens need me!
I adore the blunt toes...You?


  1. Oh I think those Summer Golden Slip Ons definitely need me! Order two, save shipping! :)
    xoxo, LM

  2. you got a deal! and that would also mean we have to hang out to get them...I like this plan! I really think I'm ordering the one of those if you're serious :)


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