Friday, February 4, 2011

2nd Verse . . . Same a the 1st . . .

I just saw these linen stitch bookmarks on ~ Tumblr ~
posted from ~ Melanie Falick Books ~
The bookmark pattern is in 

Or you can download my bracelet pattern, 
~ My Secret Life with Bees ~ on Ravelry!
With a few alterations and omissions, 
you can make valentine bookmarks.
The Linen Stitch is my favorite!

(eww, look at how wrinkly my skin is and that picture is OLD! Bless my heart!)


  1. love these!! do you sell them?? (i can't sew on a button so the pattern is no help ;)

  2. absolutely mrs m! email what color you'd like and what stones and i'll get back to you about a price etc...or you can give me colors and a budget and i'll stick to that in the design, shoot you some pics and you can buy it if you like it. i'm totally flexible!


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