Thursday, February 3, 2011

Does This Make Me a Grandmother?

My baby just hit the publish button on her new website!
If you love ~ PrettyStuff ~ on tumblr,
you'll want to follow along as
she develops her new blog
 ...Pretty Stuff is as Pretty Stuff does...


  1. you forgot to mention how YOU painted the lovely header. thanks momma!

  2. Oh well I am doing things backwards, because I have discovered you VIA your daughter's new blog ~ which I am happily following!
    So now I have to follow you too, because this blog is also ridiculously beautiful.
    What a talented family you are! Tell me there are some non-talented ones amongst you, or I will feel too inadequate!
    Greetings from a designer across the waters in Melbourne, Australia.

  3. I ADORE Patterson's new blog and I am delighted to have stumbled upon your's as well!



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